8888 Yetis are coming down from the mountains to form the SolYetis.
FREE MINT for the first 100 minters.

13th October 9:30PM UTC


Each Yeti is unique and holding one or more grants you access to many perks.

Hold to EARN

50% of all royalties from trading fees will be sent back to holders on a weekly basis.

Hold to VOTE

25% of all royalties from trading fees will be sent to a mutual wallet.
Yeti’s holders will be able to vote to choose how to spend those funds.

Mint to WIN

Each yeti gives you a chance to win $10k or an adventure trip to the Himalayas. 8 yeti’s holders will be randomly picked.

About Us


8 Yetis will go back to the legendary Himalayans mountains in real life.
Your Yeti will give you a chance to win a trip straight back to the Himalayas.
The winners can either choose to receive $10k or the full adventure trip to Himalayas.



Only 8888.

The minting cost is 0.99 SOL

The mint will happen on 10/13/21 at 9:30PM UTC.

If you are fast enough...you can try

You will be able to mint SolYetis with Phantom (recommended), Sollet, and Solflare.